is a one of a kind fantasy sports platform for Indian customers. We aim to provide our customers the best experience in online fantasy sports possible. Fantasy Cricket is an online game of skill, where you create a virtual team of real cricketers, by statistically optimizing an allocated budget, and score points on the basis of real-life performance of those cricketers selected on the field.

Our team is a group of cricket fans who eat, sleep and dream cricket! These are exciting times for the sport, and fantasy cricket is the one place we, as fans, can prove our knowledge and skill in this game. So we invite you if you think you can do a better job of selecting teams, come on in and prove it. Own your own team, play your own game. is behind you!

How does it work?

Select a Match:

Choose any individual match from the various tournaments available on the website by clicking on the matching banner.

Create your Team:

Select your ideal team of 11 players within your budget of 100 Credits. After selecting a team, you must appoint a vice-captain & captain whose points are multiplied 1.5X & 2X.

Join Leagues:

After creating your team, you will have the option to join various leagues. These leagues have different entry fees, league size & prize money.

Win Cash:
After the match is over, the final rankings for the various leagues are available on the website & the prize money gets distributed among the winners in the various leagues.